Radia Show 553 | Sicherheitsdienst im Auftrag der BVG @ DIYChurch


This week Radia Show is presented by D.I.Y Church, a radio broadcast from Berlin-based Reboot FM.

Each week the D.I.Y Church shares freedom of speech with a special guest: a musician, performer, visual artist, collector, scientist, real man and no life....He/She presents his/her references and work issues in rotation with a chosen theme.The two hours show sounds like a sound collage, mixing and layering regular songs, dialogues, lectures, live sets, field recordings, quotes and samples. You can listen to their adventures every monday from 7 to 9 pm.

Sicherheitsdienst im Auftrag der BVG was 2012 Steven Warwick's show [Steven Warwick is a Berlin-based musician who performs solo under the moniker Heatsick and is also known as one half of the duo Birds of Delay] at Kinderhook & Caracas, a project space run by Sol Calero and Christopher Kline in Berlin.

In this recording you will hear excerpt from the Conference of the Gnomes 2012 about security together with V.FF – White People Scrap Metal, JanJan1, F. Knight / Cavaliere, Farfour, The German Voice of David Hasselhoff.

V.FF were squatting the Kleingartenanlage for that summer and started to turn it into a meeting point for all the lost true souls. A year after the city started building the new highway there.

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