Radia Show 331 | Raw Audio Recordings II: Open Classics


Four field recording collages and a snippet of a tractor pulling contest: 28 minutes of Raw Audio Recordings, five tracks and a journey into the realm of forests, junk yards and inhouse electrics presented by reboot.fm:

1_Trash (and Beauty), 2011
Recorded in Gießen. A Slot machine, a dog, a visit to the local junk yard Additional material: "Anfangs Dekadisch"
Courtesy: suspicion breeds confidence
When We Devoured The Patina Of Ages | Acrylnimbus

2_Five Hours in a Fake Forest
with a Bee Swarm, 2011
Recorded in Berlin, Bremen and Kaustinen (Finland)
Singing saw by: Mimosa Pale
Saurofon played by Yrjänä Sauros
Other material: bees, saws, bells, cars

3_Schiefe Türme (Remix) 8:16 2004/2011
Recorded in Hamburg 2004, remix in Berlin 2011
A cut-up text made of two German newspaper articles about running amok and fight clubs, plus three poems by William Carlos Williams
Text & Voice: Gabi Schaffner
Other material: Islandic rainstorm, samples from a vintage H. P. Lovecraft broadcast

4_Traktori, 2006
Recorded at Kalajoki, Finland
A 'pure' field recording of a tractor pulling championship

5_lights out!, 2011
Recorded in Gießen at the 'Kümmerei' artist residency
A mystery of light switches
Material: light switches, cat, door, bell, stairs.


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