Title RadioProducerYearTag
Radia Show 936 | Disembodied paths Radio Zero Joana de Sá 2023 sound art, field recording
Radia Show 909 | Flux of Fragments Radio Zero Line Horneland 2022 loop, voice, Line Horneland, vocalscape
Radia Show 884 | Sound Creature from Cappaduff Radio Zero Slavek Kwi 2022 Body, ecology, nature, ambient sound
Radia Show 831 |The Borderguard’s Path Radio Zero Vírgilio Oliveira 2021 improvisation, soundscape, forest, snow
Radia Show 805 | DIVersa Nula Radio Zero Thelmo Cristovam 2020 electroacoustic, Brazil, sound art, field recording
Radia Show 781 | Waiting for the barberians Radio Zero 2020 poetry, Constantine P. Cavafy, barberians
Radia Show 754 | Arquivodu Radio Zero Paulo Raposo 2019 voice, language, exorcism, Gilbert Keith Chesterton
Radia Show 727 | Sound Chronicles from Cabo Verde Radio Zero Marco Scarassatti 2019 journey, experimental documentary, field recording, season 42
Radia Show 698 | Goats learning to swim Radio Zero Paulo Raposo 2018 Paulo Raposo, Portugal, Eugenio De Andrade, goats
Radia Show 670 | Turvalíngua Radio Zero Paulo Raposo, Nuno Pinto 2018 sound poetry, experimental, language, Season 40
Radia Show 611 | What does sunset mean to you? Radio Zero Yannick Dauby, Paulo Raposo 2016 Taiwan, urban space, soundscape, Hong Kong
Radia Show 585 | Memento Radio Zero Abdul Moimême 2016 Radio Zero, electroacoustic, improvisation, memory
Radia Show 559 | I promise not to feed back in love again Radio Zero Mestre André, Paulo Raposo 2015 Digital, electroacoustic, voice, analog
Radia Show 534 | Rios Enclausurados Radio Zero Marco Scarassatti 2015 river, Brazil, soundscape, Belo Horizonte
Radia Show 484 | Inland Radio Zero Fernando Fadigas 2014 public space, soundscape composition, psychoacoustics, Portugal
Radia Show 459 | Pedra, linho e lágrimas  Radio Zero Diana Combo 2014 Radio Zero, lecture performance, reportage, soundscape composition
Radia Show 435 | Clouds N 38 42.53, W 9 8.96 27-12-12 Radio Zero Pedro Lagoa, André Avelãs 2013 electroacoustic, archive, Lisbon, live electronics
Radia Show 410 | OS_ PARQUE Radio Zero Ricardo Jacinto 2013 radio play, contemporary music, letters, season 30
Radia Show 387 | Latesummer_Night Radio Zero Paulo Raposo 2012 soundscape composition, Portugal, sea, shell hunting
Radia Show 364 | Suite 106 Radio Zero Gonçalo Alegria 2012 hotel, season 28, room
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