Title RadioProducerYearTag
Radia Show 941 | Dead Cat Bounce  Resonance FM Gary Zhexi Zhang, Waste Paper Opera 2022 performance, time, choir, Gary Zhexi Zhang
Radia Show 914 | New Poem Resonance FM That Travis 2022 music, intimacy, Hong Kong, solitude
Radia Show 889 | Secret Set Resonance FM Milo Thesiger-Meacham 2022 field recording, Skype, Kadence Neill, Christof Migone
Radia Show 864 | Loss in Translation Resonance FM Lucia Scazzocchio, Sasha Eyde-Linder sociology, ritual, research, covid-19
Radia Show 836 | Magneto Mori Kilfinane Resonance FM Mark Vernon 2021 recording, magnetic tape, radio archive, memory
Radia Show 811 | The death of Kodak Resonance FM Resonance Radio Orchestra 2020 electroacoustic, acousmatic music, opera, season 45
Radia Show 783 | Close-Shaved Sardine Resonance FM Ed Baxter 2020 loop, repetition, words, text
Radia Show 756 | Passage Pending Resonance FM Agata Kik, Ania Mokrzycka, David Rousell, Catharine Cary, Ed Baxter 2019 live, train, season 43, Irruptive Chora
Radia Show 729 | Circular Thinking Resonance FM Mark Vernon, Jenn Mattinson 2019 loop, experimental documentary, season 42, cyclical
Radia Show 700 | We all emerge some hours later, baffled Resonance FM James Greer, Neil Luck 2018 urban space, soundscape, field recording, season 41
Radia Show 672 | Strangeness Resonance FM Erik Lintunen 2018 documentary, interview, old recordings, Erik Lintunen
Radia Show 642 | Larry Shipping In Der Abtei Und Saaleaue Bei Planena (1. Teil) Resonance FM Ed Baxter 2017 Europe, Radio Revolten, performance, season 39
Radia Show 587 | From darkness to light Resonance FM Chris Brierley, Johny Brown 2016 punk, live, collage, season 37
Radia Show 536 | Auto Sensory Meridian Response Resonance FM Marie Toseland, Sophie Mallett 2015 ASMR, relaxation, Headphones, intimacy
Radia Show 510 | Second sketch for ascent and descent Resonance FM Ed Baxter 2015 radio play, nature, narrative obiquity, contemporary music
Radia Show 486 | Miraculous agitations Resonance FM Dan Wilson 2014 electroacoustic, feedback, electronic music, documentary
Radia Show 462 | 130 in 1 Resonance FM Mark Vernon 2014 Etienne Noiseau, GAMEC, education, experimental music
Radia Show 438 | Imaginary radio band no.1 Resonance FM Knut Aufermann, Andre Damião, Børre Mølstad, Sarah Washington, Xentos 'Fray' Bentos 2013 lecture performance, Halle, Germany, experimental music
Radia Show 420 | Attempted breakfast Resonance FM Ed Baxter 2013 radio play, workshop
Radia Show 413 | Native Resonance FM Renata Roman 2013 reportage, soundscape composition, identity, Brazil
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