Title RadioProducerYearTag
Radia Show 951 | The Cave - Dialogue Usmaradio Jacopo Budda, Demetrio Cecchitelli, Simone Doria 2023 improvisation, music, dialogue, collaboration
Radia Show 902 | A Natural Contract live at NaturArchy Reso Usmaradio 2022 performance, sound art, crown, season 48
Radia Show 878 | Senta, Pasolini Usmaradio Usmaradio 2022 Pier Paolo Pasolini, performance, radiophonic workshop, Radia
Radia Show 852 | Nino & Co. Usmaradio 2021 poetry, radio, radiophonic workshop, Santarcangelo Festival
Radia Show 800 | KIN Usmaradio 2020 poetry, improvisation, radio, future
Radia Show 774 | Kevlar Usmaradio Francesco Giomi 2020 Francesco Giomi, dance, frequencies, improvisation
Radia Show 747 | Secondo John Cage Usmaradio Alessandro Caccuri, Giulio Urbini 2019 John Cage, workshop, season 42, San Marino
Radia Show 720 | Space is the place Usmaradio Roberto Paci Dalò 2019 space, science and art, science, season 41
Radia Show 693 | Cagetown Usmaradio Andrea Borgnino, Reni Hofmüller, Oderso Rubini 2018 John Cage, performance, Season 40
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