Title RadioProducerYearTag
Radia Show 921 | TZUSSS Radio Student Tizia Zimmermann, Silvan Schmid, Urška Savič 2022 experimental, radio art
Radia Show 897 | Sleeplessly, a research of insomnia Radio Student Makis Ananiadis 2022 poetry, river, improvisation, Ljubljana
Radia Show 873 | Night construction Radio Student 2021 night, Dostojevski, Danilo Harms
Radia Show 846 | rouge-ah Radio Student Urška Preis 2021 drone, electroacoustic, noise, live streaming
Radia Show 796 | Plastic Whales Radio Student Jaka Berger, BGRS 2020 pollution, ocean, plastic, contemporary music
Radia Show 770 | Marge Alpen Adria Radio Student Juliette Qualizza 2019 borders, nature, mountain, walking
Radia Show 743 | Ma‘am, there is no such thing in reality Radio Student Nina Dragičević 2019 voice, capitalism, opera
Radia Show 715 | From side A to side B of the Climate Radio Student Staš Vrenko 2018 climate, Ljubljana, experimental music, field recording
Radia Show 687 | Excerpt from Ptičji Mozak Radio Student SsmKOSK, Blaž Božič 2018 sound poetry, experimental, circuit bending, Season 40
Radia Show 656 | AMonFM::: underground acceleration Radio Student beepblip 2017 frequencies, field recording, AM, season 39
Radia Show 602 | Con-(fi)-re 02 Radio Student Andrej Tomaûin 2016 spoken word, field recording, season 37, Andrej Tomaûin
Radia Show 576 | Evil Earth Radio Student Lala Raščić 2016 sound poetry, technology, nature, mountain
Radia Show 527 | We should take nothing for granted Radio Student Matthew Biederman, Marko Peljhan, Brian Springer, Aljosa Abrahamsberg 2015 electronic music, experimental, noise
Radia Show 502 | After Artefakt: IDIOT Radio Student Bojan Anđelković 2015 mass media, idiot, language, season 33
Radia Show 478 | Theremidi Orchestra Radio Student 2014 drone, noise, Slovenia, DIY
Radia Show 429 | Fragments from a Deviant Radio Student Luka Prinčič, 2013 mix, Slovenia, experimental radio, season 30
Radia Show 406 | Radio Arctic Radio Student Marko Peljhan 2013 reportage, Arctic Perspective Initiative, Arctic, season 29
Radia Show 382 | Mouth sounds for heart beats Radio Student Irena Toma 2012 electroacoustic, voice, identity, season 28
Radia Show 360 | Kunst und Brot Radio Student Cirkulacija 2 2012 Slovenia, art economy, talk radio, season 27
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