Title RadioProducerYearTag
Radia Show 908 | The House of Kinshasa - Part 1 CKUT Pauline Batamu Kasiwa Lomami 2022 CKUT 90.3fm, Belgium, home, diaspora
Radia Show 776 | Une Marche Deux Parcours CKUT Marilou Craft, Tamara Filyavich 2020 Canada, lecture performance, women, feminism
Radia Show 749 | Magic sound box CKUT 2019 mix, sound art, language, radio art
Radia Show 606 | Strippd-down 01 Fear CKUT Strippd-down collective 2016 Montreal, fear, season 37
Radia Show 578 | Cernobyl sin eater CKUT CKUT 2016 Cernobyl, Canada, season 36
Radia Show 517 | The Haystack CKUT Michael Dean 2015 electroacoustic, technology, open data, experimental music
Radia Show 468 | On failure CKUT James Goddard 2014 experimental, Lanfranco Binni, failure
Radia Show 419 | The Montreal tape run CKUT Crustacés tapes 2013 Canada, Montreal, cut-up, cassette tape
Radia Show 396 | Cage's 100 CKUT Mario Gauthier 2012 John Cage, Montreal, contemporary music, season 29
Radia Show 372 | Sound within Sound CKUT Andrea Jane Cornell 2012 transmission art, transmission, noise, experimental radio
Radia Show 350 | Magic Sound Mountain CKUT Magic Mountain Collective 2011 nature
Radia Show 330 | These are the clues CKUT Erin Weisgerber, Dominique Ferraton 2011 Canada, soundscape, season 26
Radia Show 310 | The idea of North revisited CKUT Cathy Inouye 2011 Canada, remix, climate, documentary
Radia Show 292 | alternative news CKUT Amie Watson, Adelaide Simon, Liz Pieries, Neil Griffith, Courtney Kirkby, Maria Mavrig, Esther b 2010 news, Montreal, community radio, season 24
Radia Show 274 | wordsandsentences CKUT c.kut 2010 experimental, mix, language, season 23
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