Radia Show 852 | Nino & Co.

KIN | Radiophonic Workshop at Santarcangelo Festival 2050


“The undifferentiated mass is expressed with a single voice, with slogans repeated in unison, so that the individualities blend vocally. Plurality, on the other hand, is expressed in a plurisonic way, producing not a single voice and not even a cacophony, but what I call a pluriphony, where each singular voice retains its uniqueness and reverberates with each other. ” (Adriana Cavarero)

Radia Show 852 is a collection of extracts of radio works made in the frame of KIN, in Santarcangelo di Romagna. 

 by Usmaradio / Roberto Paci Dalò is a radio and performative project and workshop sessions of The School of Radio guided and attended by talented and professional radio-makers. Last July 2021, the italian town of Santarcangelo di Romagna was “occupied” by a broadcast related to Santarcangelo Festival (the 51 years old festival devoted to experimental performing arts), citizens’s voices and original materials created by the working group. All spread in public and private spaces with listening spots, improvisations, electronics, remote collaborative radio activities.

KIN team
Benedetta Bronzetti, Teresa Chiauzzi, Irene Dani, Bárbara Ermeti, Sara Guazzarini, Alessandro Mazzoni, Domenico Martinese, Alice Molari, Roberto Paci Dalo, Paolo Petrangolini, Alessandro Renzi, Lorenzo Salvatori, Margherita Wolenski.

Participants / Authors
Vittoria Assembri, Verdiana Benatti, Oreste Campagner, Martina Conte, Luca Gallio, Dania Grechi, Domenico Martinese, Lucrezia Nediani, Roberto Paolini, Cristina Previtali,  Riccardo Santalucia, Giulia Savorani, Matilde Solbiati. 


Radioworks’s excerpts (running order)
1. Nino a live session dedicated to the Italian poet Nino Pedretti (1923-1981); sounds by Riccardo Santalucia, Luca Gallio, Alessandro Mazzoni with the voice of Nicoletta Fabbri joined by Santarcangelo’s citizens
2. Respiro (on background)
3. Chiroptera FM, voices and sounds by Riccardo Santalucia, Luca Gallio, Dania Grechi, Domenico Martinese, Irene Dani, Alessandro Mazzoni, Vittoria Assembri
4. Final Jam Session with all Kinners. 

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