Title RadioProducerYearTag
Radia Show 942 | Abstürze/Crashes Radio Helsinki Mark Kanak, Rex Joswig 2023 Radio Helsinki, poetry, loop, voice
Radia Show 865 | Laments Radio Helsinki Mara x Genschel 2021 love, confession, field recording
Radia Show 837 | Zunehmend schlechter Radio Helsinki Mark Kanak 2021 repetition, thruth, covid-19, pandemic
Radia Show 757 | How it is Radio Helsinki 2019 experimental, radio drama
Radia Show 705 | Meanderings. Acoustic Measurings of the City Radio Helsinki Nayarí Castillo, Reni Hofmüller, Miriam Raggam, Hanns Holger Rutz 2018 city planning, urban space, sound walk, city
Radia Show 702 | Tractatus illogico-insanus Radio Helsinki Mark Kanak 2018 philosophy, season 41, survelliance, parody
Radia Show 674 | Speeches Radio Helsinki Patrick Wurzwallner, Max Höfler, Opcion, Kinga Tóth 2018 speech
Radia Show 644 | 100717 Radio Helsinki Johannes Raggam, Christian F. Schiller 2017 electroacoustic, improvisation, live electronics, season 39
Radia Show 589 | live at Klub Moozak Radio Helsinki Opcion, Herbst 2016 Austria, Graz, live electronics, season 37
Radia Show 563 | At The Edge of the Emptiness of All Things Radio Helsinki Dieter Sperl, Michael Fischer 2015 Austria, poetry, electroacoustic, feedback
Radia Show 538 | Connect and let go Radio Helsinki Reni Hofmüller 2015 Austria, electroacoustic, fiction, festival
Radia Show 512 | Die gestohlene Figur Radio Helsinki Elffriede.aufzeichnensysteme, Jörg Piringer 2015 electroacoustic, voice, sex, identity
Radia Show 488 | Wie es vielleicht war Radio Helsinki Patrick Wurzwallner, Arne Glöckner, Vera Hagemann, Johannes Schrettle 2014
Radia Show 464 | OOO Radio Helsinki OOO 2014 Etienne Noiseau, live, electroacoustic composition, Martin Pichler
Radia Show 440 | Hedging the future Radio Helsinki IG Sterben, Max Höfler, Johannes Schrettle, Andreas Heller 2013 Austria, weapons, money, performance
Radia Show 424 | Sakra 2013 Radio Helsinki Marufura Fufunjiru, Johannes Raggam, Christian F. Schiller Schiller, Nikos Zachariadis 2013 Austria, lecture performance, Graz, experimental music
Radia Show 377 | Nature Tones For Mental Therapy Radio Helsinki Richie Herbst 2012 Austria, soundscape, festival, field recording
Radia Show 355 | Life and death of Arissat Radio Helsinki Reni Hofm 2012 space, satellite, space station, NASA
Radia Show 335 | Castration Radia Radio Helsinki Slobodan Kajkut 2011 Austria, electroacoustic, voice, music
Radia Show 315 | Epic fail No. 9 mit Paukenschlag Radio Helsinki Marufura Fufunjiru 2011 electroacoustic, experimental, noise, season 25
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