Radia Show 702 | Tractatus illogico-insanus

by Mark Kanak


Tractatus illogico-insanus is a mixture of parody (of Wittgenstein’s famous Tractatus logico-philosophicus which he wrote exactly 100 years ago in the summer of 1918), also influenced by Walter Serner’s Last Loosening and Hermann Burger’s own Tractatus logico-suicidalis.


In short, it’s the author’s musing on the surveillance state – a situation that is at once absurd, manic and cutting, inherently illogical— wherein all participants acquiesce to being monitored, spied on, surveilled—and in the end, do nothing. In this tractatus, the author is travelling through a night time soundscape where the “Program” is always running, everything is being watched on the hiding everywhere—even in your own head.


In short: the limits of the surveillance state are the limits of our world.


Based on the book Tractatus illogico-insanus, upcoming early 2019, Ritter Verlag, Klagenfurt (AT). Full German and full English version. By Mark Kanak

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