Radia Show 279 | Grazer Walzer


Grazer Walzer is a soundwork produced by Reni Hofmüller, Jogi Hofmüller, Katarina Petjovic and Borut Savski for Radio Helsinki .

As they had all been involved in different ways in radio making, sound production and experimenting, when they met in Lubljiana, it was clear that - though there had not been the plan beforehand - they would go to Radio Student, to the Ministery of Experiment and do precisely this: experiment.

"In the case of the Grazer Walzer, the production idea was simple: we went to the radio music archive, and took out several lps and cds, and decided to play only the beginnings of songs. In radio history, very often the intros of songs have not been aired, as the BPM (beats-per-minute) did not fit the "overall sound of the station". So in an somehwat ausgleichende Gerechtigkeit (poetic justice) we exclusively played intros, and combined them with lp-scretching, text created with the apple-error-messaging system and some additional sounds, produced with piezos and other microphones. For radia, I compiled a 27minutes version, taken from the original 1 hour piece." [Reni Hofmüller, 2010]

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