Radia Show 705 | Meanderings. Acoustic Measurings of the City

Presented by Radio Helsinki


Meanderings. Acoustic Measurings of the City is produced by and features Nayarí Castillo, Reni Hofmüller, Miriam Raggam and Hanns Holger Rutz. 


The city is the place where we live. The design of the city seems to pretend who is moving in it. Meandering is an acoustic suggestion to develop other forms, in real physical space as well as in the imagination.


Part of the material production is based on the interpretation of different spatial realities such as facades or columns. They are photographed, signed, recorded by means of sensors or by pressure and processed with text fragments into a composition that manifests itself both as a radio-listening piece and in the form of a spatial installation.


Developing and allowing for an exploratory process that corresponds to one’s own, peculiar, subjective, just-happening, use-free, exploratory walking, being, moving in the city, and making that audible. Admitting idiosyncratic ways of urban space viewing, introducing unusual measurement units that apply briefly, and then no longer allow themselves to be distracted, and instantly recognize that distracting is only possible if there was a focus beforehand.
Achieving a state of de-optimization, circumventing the notion of efficiency, allowing moments of losing and losing, enabling a degeneration, a noise, a simultaneity of different realities, a series of condensations, a finding and losing, a series of instructions – for senders and receivers, translations of the visual, from tactile to sonic – with human language and metaphor, and with technical language – software, polyrhythms and polyphony, perception of time, the actors perceive as time units, 11 drops, speed / and rhythm, of facades, of own walking, of water, Imaginary Landscapes create and chaotic numbering, bring about collisions and understand the (own) body as a surveying device and use, lying on the sidewalk and hear the channel grille laugh, visible and invisible and the Change color.
From this we can develop ideas for a generator, a machine that is fed with all these materials and produces a variation or variations of a radio play.
- [Introduction from the score to meanderings]

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