Radia Show 410 | OS_ PARQUE


This week Radia Show is brought to us by the folks at Radio Zero, Lisbon and it was produced by artist Ricardo Jacinto as part of his PARQUE project.

Os: for percussion on twentyfour tuned suspended mirrors, recorded voice, alto saxophone, cello, cymbals and electronics.

A series of letters that come from a far away place and time. The narrator describes his research voyage on a planet with strange geological formations: The Cones.

Alone, he writes this letters to W and keeps us aware of his mental deflections induced by the odd landscape.

Using parts of this text PARQUE presented a concert-installation at Culturgest, Lisbon in 2008.


Nuno Torres: alto saxophone
Ricardo Jacinto: cello and percussion
Nuno Morão: percussion/melodica
João Pinheiro: percussion/vibraphone
Dino Récio: percussion
André Sier: electronics
Murray Todd: voice
Text (Excerpts from The Left Hand, 2006) by Hugo Brito.
Recording: Pedro Magalhães
Mixing: Pedro Magalhães and Ricardo Jacinto (Golden Poney Studios)
Mastering: Rafael Toral


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