Radia Show 484 | Inland


This week Radia Show comes from Radio Zero and is produced by Fernando Fadigas.

This soundscape composition is divided in two parts and is part of Fadigas' sound research at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Lisbon in 2013:


Undercurrent is about water sounds.

Inland is a piece about earth sounds, space and matter but also about internal and external space. It is a representation of different acoustic layers and sound environments. In this piece the artist processed different noises and samples taken from the interior of the earth: stone collisions, river undercurrents, sea waters, sand, fire, ashes, organic debris, frozen microphones and other deep acoustic phenomena. It’s also a live improvisation and noise modulation of a boiling experience taken from a portable laboratory set up on stage.


Fernando Fadigas is an audiovisual artist and noise musician with studies in Fine Arts, Multimedia, Sound, Photography and Graphic Arts. With preferences for collective works, site-specific projects and sound improvisation, his works lie in the relations between sonic arts, image, the exploitation of minimal soundscapes, noise, field recordings and the acoustic properties of certain spaces. He is member of “Pogo”, an art collective involved, since 1998, in the production and development of soundtracks for theatre, multimedia performances or interactive installations.


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