Title RadioProducerYearTag
Radia Show 280 | This is not a radioplay RadioWORM Lukas Simonis 2010 Rotterdam, spam, sound art, season 23
Radia Show 298 | 80s' song poems RadioWORM Radio WORM Song Poem Crew 2010 Radio Helsinki, Johannes Raggam, Dr. Lukas Simonis, analog
Radia Show 316 | Cyfarfod & BBQ RadioWORM 2011 radio play, sound archive, field recording, season 25
Radia Show 336 | Boat shoes in two attempts RadioWORM The Static Tics, Henk Bakker, Lukas Simonis 2011 Rotterdam, radio play, season 26, The Static Tics
Radia Show 356 | Croatan N17 by Lucas Crane & Angela Moore RadioWORM Lucas Crane, Angela Moore 2012 Rotterdam, experimental, Barcelona, New York
Radia Show 378 | Truus makes waves RadioWORM Truus de Groot 2012 Touch Music, Johnny Dowd, autobiography, Diary
Radia Show 402 | Hitler RadioWORM Nikolai Galen, Dolf Palnteijdt 2012 radio play, history, WW2, ghosts
Radia Show 425 | Captain Klangendum on tour RadioWORM Peter Van Bergen, Robbert van Hulzen, Lukas Simonis 2013 Rotterdam, improvisation, Dr Klangendum, experimental music
Radia Show 449 | Rosarats barrel RadioWORM Dr Klangendum 2013 folk music, polka, talk show, history
Radia Show 474 | Rectangula grinder RadioWORM Dr Klangendum 2014 reportage, soundscape composition, technology, failure
Radia Show 498 | Ethiopian son RadioWORM Martin Gambarotta, The X Static Tics 2014 sound poetry, rastafarianism, Worm Radio, Martin Gambarotta
Radia Show 523 | A tube ride in Tiblisiride in Tiblisi RadioWORM Dr Klangendum, 2015 Tiblisi, reportage, urban space
Radia Show 548 | Stretch Limo RadioWORM Martin Reints, Martjin Comes, Dr Klangendum 2015 sound poetry, experimental
Radia Show 572 | Jacovitti & The Salami RadioWORM Dr Klangendum 2016 Rotterdam, experimental, salami, Benito Jacovitti
Radia Show 598 | Xylotheque RadioWORM Eli Gras 2016 field recording, season 37, furniture, psycology
Radia Show 624 | FLIMSY TOMB RadioWORM Mark Gergis 2017 Vietnam, radio play, sound archive, humor
Radia Show 652 | IGITUR FLOTSAM RadioWORM Dr Klangendum, Reinier van Houdt 2017 poetry, radio play, anxiety, season 39
Radia Show 683 | Blues for Aliens RadioWORM Dr Klangendum 2018 radio play, science fiction, fiction, aliens
Radia Show 711 | The Almanack of Breath RadioWORM Ash Kilmartin 2018 voice, books, myth, reading
Radia Show 739 | The Horse RadioWORM Lukas Simonis, Alexander Iezzi 2019 therapy, psycho-thriller, season 42
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