Radia Show 356 | Croatan N17 by Lucas Crane & Angela Moore


A radio play about inter-dimensional dropouts, alien refugees, and going cosmical native. Weird orbs beacon from the swamp, surprises abound in the forest, confusion reigns.
But were they swallowed forever by the abyss or except its invitation willingly? Recorded in and around the shipyards of Rotterdam and in the forests of Barcelona while protests of awakening raged in New York City, this dream sequence of cut-ups meditates on the state of the traveller, stranger, seeker and pilgrim foraging for oneness with a radically shifting psychic environment.

G Lucas Crane is a sound artist and sound performer working in the medium of analogue tape and obscured, recovered memories in the digital age. Angela Moore is an artist working in sound and video with focus on the mythical and mystical.

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