Radia Show 598 | Xylotheque


This week Radia Show is presented by Radio Worm/Klangendum and it is produced by Eli Gras to whom we 'leave the mic' to introduce her radio piece Xylotheque

"I was kindly invited to do a residency at the Worm, to develop a work related to the idea of a hypothetical psychology of furniture and a possible communication, sort of a language amongst them in relation with 'the human world', that evolves and spreads to other household materials, resulting in a group of tracks trying to somehow express it with a certain narrative; like an electroacoustic sounds theatre fantasy, close to music, but not totally music, it’s in some way an 'animistic' sound work.

I mounted it in between talking parts, forming sort of a little parody, almost a homage to the para-scientific radioplays, to prepare the listening mind and orientation of the concept, also explaining a little tale in order to add a ‘language’ touch to the bunch of absurdity that contains the edited work.

The sounds were taken from the Rotterdam city environment (hostel stuff, supermarkets, streets…), the Worm building (the rooms, furniture, synthesizers…), in Barcelona (houses of friends, parties, supermarkets…) Really every dot has a little history."
[Eli Gras]

Locutions: Jesús Brotons, Eli Gras.
Mastering: Albert Guitart


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