Title RadioProducerYearTag
Radia Show 271 | Hanoi Radio Corax Vu Nhat Tan 2010 Vietnam, soundscape, contemporary music, season 23
Radia Show 290 | Artist as a wolf Radio Corax Ralf Wendt 2010 public space, communication, performance, season 24
Radia Show 308 | Starlings from Hjert Radio Corax Wolfgang Müllers 2011 soundscape composition, birds, nature, Kurt Schwitters
Radia Show 334 | Radioradar Radio Corax Marold Langer-Philippsen 2011 Copenhagen, Denmark, soundscape, festival
Radia Show 354 | Art For Animals Radio Corax Ralf Wendt 2012 Halle, animals, field recording, season 27
Radia Show 376 | Accumool Radio Corax Matze Schmidt 2011 electroacoustic, loop, noise, season 28
Radia Show 400 | Bombus Terrestris revisited Radio Corax Hartmut Geerken 2012 soundscape composition, nature, insects, field recording
Radia Show 423 | Concert 4 ghosts Radio Corax Ralf Wendt 2013 electroacoustic, Jason Freeman, violin, experimental music
Radia Show 447 | Batumi and not before Radio Corax Monster Bobby 2013 lecture performance, analog, partecipatory audio experience, electroacoustic composition
Radia Show 472 | Ashlesha IX Radio Corax Uior as Ashlesha IX 2014 Radio Corax, Ralf Wendt, experimental music, Uior as Ashlesha IX
Radia Show 496 | Los gritos de Mexico Radio Corax Felix Blume 2014 Mexico, Mexico City, noise, soundscape
Radia Show 521 | Improv Breakfast Radio Corax Joni Erika Smith 2015 Halle, documentary, experimental radio, Alexander Nikolajewitsch Skrjabin
Radia Show 622 | Jubeltoene & Radio Unbroken Radio Corax Helen Hahmann, Gregory Whitehead 2017 Halle, Radio Revolten, radio art, season 38
Radia Show 650 | Preface Demonstration Radio Corax Friendly Fire 2017 protest, Germany, racism, performance
Radia Show 681 | Nothing like us ever was Radio Corax Gregory Whitehead, Leni Süß 2018 Gregory Whitehead, Santiago Zabala, Leni Süß, Carl Sandburg
Radia Show 709 | Find Your Own Raven Voice Radio Corax Claire Serres 2018 voice, language, experimental radio, season 41
Radia Show 737 | No Ravens Left for the Funeral Radio Corax André Damião 2019 residency, radio art, season 42, instrumental
Radia Show 790 | Listening's Urgency Radio Corax Hardi Kurda 2020 live, radio performance, listening, covid-19
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