Radia Show 521 | Improv Breakfast


Improv Breakfast, this weekly Radia Show is produced by Joni Erika Smith for Radio Corax from Halle in Germany.

Two members of a folk-pop-Indie band, an actress and classical pianist student talk about Art, Music, the World and their place in it. Improv Breakfast is a conversation in three parts which developed naturally through an organic interview. The interviewees are not in the same room at the same time, but they sometimes end up at the same place. The subjects are at once the interviewed and interviewer. 

It comes out with three anniversary in mind: German baroque composer Georg Friedrich Händel was born 300 years ago in Halle; Russian pianist and composer, Alexander Nikolajewitsch Skrjabin died in 1915; March 8th is the International Woman`s Day.

Participants: Words and Music, Abel Camargo Neves da Cunha, Anna-Karolina Schiela, Radio Los Santos (Sebastian Caspar - violin, Lukas Schroll - guitar). 

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