Title RadioProducerYearTag
Radia Show 690 | Vietnam: through open windows and empty rooms Diffusion FM Gail Priest 2018 Vietnam, temple, field recording, Ho Chi Minh City
Radia Show 718 | Starve And Pray For That’s The Way To Heaven Diffusion FM Jon Panther 2018 performance, Manoli Moriaty, Manchester
Radia Show 745 | A Diary of a Billion “Nobodies” Diffusion FM 2019 sound collage, season 42
Radia Show 772 | Barangaroo Diffusion FM Sebastian Sequoiah-Grayson 2020 improvisation, Sydney, field recording
Radia Show 798 | City circles Diffusion FM Subespai 2020 kids, West, city, sound collage
Radia Show 848 | Te Mihini NgatahiTanga Tohatoha Diffusion FM Diffusion 91.9 FM 2021 birds, improvisation, water, bells
Radia Show 874 | Diana - The Musical - A Ghost Story for Christmas Diffusion FM Ergo Phizmiz, Depresstival 2021 musical, Broadway, Diana, Christmas
Radia Show 898 | Machines Making Machines Diffusion FM Philip Curach 2022 improvisation, storytelling, industrial, synthesizer
Radia Show 948 | Frontyard Diffusion FM Hethre Contant, Jon Panther 2023 technology, Sydney, electromagnetic sound, radio waves
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