Radia Show 290 | Artist as a wolf


Go with your small radio during the radia show into an exhibition and spread the text without taking contact to the other visitors. Let your radio speak for you. And Christine Oppenheim sing for you.

Ralf Wendt lives and works in Halle/S.- E.Germany. His works surround situations of ill communications.He is trying to deconstruct codes and methods of different languages, spoken, written language and gestures. Wendt is working in the field of performance in public space, istallation in galleries and public, poetry and soundart in radio and gallery. Soundworks for different worldwide radiostations as Kunstradio Vienna, Radia.FM and others. Performances happened in Europe, Asia - such as Vietnam, Phillipines and in the USA. He is an active member of performance-group The Wolf in The Winter.


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