Radia Show 548 | Stretch Limo


This week show is presented to the Radia network by WORM from Rotterdam.

The production was born out of a collaboration between Martin Reints - text - and Martijn Comes - music & sound - and it was commissioned by WORM Rotterdam, Klangendum Studios and Lukas Simonis in close cooperation with Concertzender Nederland and Anette Kouwenhoven.

The text consists of two poems Stretch Limo’s and Moeras which together form a diptych. After the pieces followed by a making-of in which Martijn Comes, Annette Kouwenhoven and Martin Reints let their thoughts run free about the project. In the soundscape is enclosed The Labyrinth of Pietro Locatello (‘easy to enter, hard to get out). The soundtrack is made in the Worm / Klangendum studios using own sound design and it features the analogue WORM studio and various field recordings.

Martijn: “I met Martin Reints during one of his lectures. His presentation is impressive for me because a lot of his work comes from a silence in which I feel safe. Where the mundane and worldly ends, and where a purely poetic consciousness exists of the invisible. Martin and I are both fans of Barry Bermange his work with Delia Derbyshire (collaboration with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop). In his interest of this radiophonic work existed also the urgency to invite him to create two broadcasts for the Concertzender as a producer of the Inventions for Radio programme. I spent a long time looking for texts that put me in the right concentration for this commission. I called Martin after a long time searching, and he told me that he had just finished two long works: ‘Stretch Limo’s’ and ‘Moeras’. I was instantly excited; they appeared to be two long poems that lend themselves perfectly to a musical accompaniment. They are very meditative texts and the image is very strong and elegant."

Special thanks to: Lukas Simonis, Hessel Veldman, Sem de Jongh, Katja Stam, Fani Konstantinidou.

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