Radia Show 572 | Jacovitti & The Salami


This Radia Show comes from Rotterdam, thanks to Worm Studio/Klangendum, an organisation that deals with the conceptualisation, initiation, organisation and performing of sound projects. Jacovitti and the Salami is an investigation of Salamiism. Listen to it to find out more....

There is Italian cartoonist Benito Javovitti’s underestimated promotion of the Salami as a concept, as a weapon, as an ideology. And there is a growing scene of Salami awareness around the world… An underground cult that is still under the radar but will inevitably find world domination -or at least some form of tax evasion.

So with the spicy taste still in his mouth, Dr Klangendum went and looked for some entities that could explain him the basics of Salamiism.

Italian Salamist: Stefano Giannotti
Scottish Salami Scientist: Jim Whelton
One Bad Word Could Lead You To Hellfire: Sheikh Mansur Al-Salami
Research: Silvia Scaglioni
Text: LG Simonis, J Whelton
Idea, music, editing: Dr Klangendum 2

Special thanks to Noodle Bar for Noodle Machine’s first assignment. More special thanks; FVP

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