LIEVITI | podcast

Art yeasts for home bakers


LIEVITI | Art yeasts for home bakers

A podcast in six episodes, from April 28th, for six weeks.
This production is available only in Italian. 


In our slow journey back to the world we knew, or to the one we must build anew, the time of life blurs into the time of waiting. In the meantime, we make bread like hell, back to the origins of food: flour, water and yeast, if you can find it. Penelope weaved her cloth, and we baked. thereforem, here it is LIEVITI (yeast), a podcast series in 6 episodes to find the time for reflection on today's issues. Generative, nutritious, vital yeasts:  food for thoughts, to be consumed slowly. 

Six themes, one per episode: Space, Nature, Time, Body, Identity and Community, in that order. One work of art at a time, to trigger  more or less tangled thoughts and more or less complex questions: how does the perception of the present time change, when the mind cannot embrace the future? how do our inner and outer landscapes change, how do they sound like? How does our body change - when it is mediated by digital platforms - will we come back to shake hands? How will we perceive the other in times of social austerity? 

We will be accompanied by artists, experts and researchers (Danilo Correale, Tiziano Bonini, Tehching (Sam) Hsieh, Elena Mazzi, Filipa Ramos and many others...) and together we will listen and invite you to do the same, to re-tune ourselves to the frequencies of the world that will live. 


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