The Alpi occidentali I-IV series was born from the idea of merging sonorities derived from drone and techno music in order to describe four alpine climbings; four different episodes in which a hypothetical climber has to face an ascent filled with moments of insecurity, impulse, tension and fear. A mountain experience in which the man's emotional states respond to impalpable vibrations of nature. The four episodes of this series take their name from four alpin peaks: Monte Thabor, Monte Malamot, Monte Tibert and Monte Clapier.

Let's begin on Mount Thabor, 3.149 mt a.s.l, 45°06′55″N 6°33′47″E

_Glitterbug, Drift (sampling Alpin Folks), da Privilege, c.sides label, 2010
_Stars of the Lid, The Atomium part two, da Avec Laudendum (1999), Kranky 2002
_Emeralds, Up in the air, da What Happened, Editions Mego, 2010
_On, Blank Space, da Something That Has Form and Something That Does Not, Type, 2010
_Black to Comm, Play Eggchess 3, da Fractal Hair Geomerty, Dekorder, 2008
_Don Williams, Glis Groove, da Dynamic Rain, baud music, 2010
_Koljah, It Makes Me Think, da Simple Thing EP, Vidab, 2010
_Glitterbug, Swirl, da Privilege, c.sides label, 2010
_Matthew Herbert, Mahler Symphony X recomposed by Matthew Herbert, Deutsche Grammophon, 2010
_Robag Wruhme, Blech Beulè, da Proviant, Circus Company, 2010
_Ruede Hagelstein, Friday, da Emergency, This Way, Souvenir Records, 2010
_Robag Wrhume, Roballada, da Proviant, Circus Company, 2010
_Matmos, Germs Burn for Darby Crash, da The Rose Has Teeth in the Mouth of a Beast, Matador Records, 2006
_Phanta du Prince, Abglanz, da Black Noise, Rough Trade, 2010

The duo Alpin Folks was born in 2010 after the musicians discovered their mutual interest to some sonority of electronic music and the affinity to a visual unconscious in which a panic sense of nature falls. Their mutual passion for the vanguard experimentation of 60's and 70's, the drone music and some of the darkest and most pensive fringes of techno brings them to develop the idea of counting, with their sound, the imaginative experience of mountain by recreating, in form of dj set, the auditory framework for the sensation of climbing towards an alpine pick, reaching it and then, probably, climbing down. 

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