From March onward, every week we will be presenting our Pepite. Some call it sound-art, new music, research sounds, acoustic experimentations or liminal sounds, we just call them Pepite, golden nuggets: tips on sound research, precious bits of our programming. Sounds we select and highlight from our freefrom streaming.

Here there are our first set of sound bits and listening tips:

Event Horizon (2011) by Diecidicembre.
Released by Acustronica, Event Horizon comprises 51 minutes and 32 seconds of improvisations and sonic manipulations for guitar, analog vibrations and digital dissipations.

Somebody (2010) by Sohrab.
Sohrab was born in Tehran in 1984. He was seven when the Iran-Iraq war ended. His name, from an old poem called Shahname, means rouge water, which can also mean blood. He is currently living in Berlin. He had to leave Iran in 2010. Sohrab is published by Touch Music.

Orvieto Dome (2010) by Pietro Riparbelli.
Taken from 4 Churches, an album by Italian sound artist Pietro Riparbelli and released by Touch Music, Orvieto Dome is made of  field recordings and samples of voices – of the choir during a celebration – and of the organ of the cathedral.

I was in Orvieto for three days and recorded some sound during the morning - Riparbelli says - trying to avoid the tourists. I always try to find the cathedral without too many people but at the same time there must been some, because their sounds allow us to perceive the reverb of the space.

Lacan on the Bitch - vocal skrunch (2010) di Francesco Cusa.
Taken from the album Skrunch – Electic/vocal, Jacques Lacan a rue musical story,  produced by drummer and composer Francesco Cusa and released by Improvvisatore Involontario.


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