Some call it sound-art, new music, research sounds, acoustic experimentations or liminal sounds, we just call them Pepite, golden nuggets: tips on sound research, precious bits of our programming. Each week we select few Pepite and highlight them into our free from streaming.

Diatribes, a strongly libertarian ensemble, began its existence in a Geneva basement in Winter 2004. Adapting the improvised and experimental music languages of today, the duo is highly reactive, dynamic, percussive and/or textured. Since more than ten year 1+1 explores sounds combinations of two instruments that weren’t meant to play together.?

They met and they improvised for more than two hours. Our weekly Pepite is devoted to their collaboration and album 152.32, recorded in the empty Théatre de l’Orientale, in Vevey, last May 2010.?

What about improvising as we’re use to, but on a much longer time ? How to still produce then interesting music? How to keep the listener attention?? On that record we tried to explore deeply a few different way to play, following a discrete time line, improvising in the instant but also with a projection of the music on a larger scale.?


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