In collaboration with Gender Bender - the international Festival dedicated to introducing the Italian public to the new imagery related to gender identity, sexual orientation and body representation stemming from contemporary culture - Radio Papesse has launched  a public call for sound works.

We got many sounds and interesting productions investigating the representation and the perception of the body, works that speak of human relations, other that give voice to gay communities or quote Gertrude Stein and Rodgers & Hammerstein.

Here below there is a selection of pieces we loved the most; they will be broadcast by Radio Papesse:

GlobalGroove - Fabio Toffolo e Michele Andreoni - with Into my eyes.
Christian Banasik with Letzte Gebarde offener Munder.
Tara Rodgers with Unspeakable Items: for Bruce, Fred, and Victoria.
Manuel Xastre with That urban not urban.

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