The piece by Luigi Mastandrea is dedicated to the giant construction site of the Florentine Dome, which building works lasted more than 170 years between the XIII and XV Centuries. Loads of master craftmen and artists took place on the process and the Dome soon became a workshop for innovative architectural techniques. The piece wants exactly to allude to the grandeur of the project, to the surprire for the high and never seen before scaffoldings.

Although the workplace should has been noisy, Luigi Mastandrea imagines the Dome in the silence of the night, under the continuous attention of all its workers. Occasional but significant, the sound of the birds' wings comes with instrumental and vocal music from the XIV and XV Centuries. Music of the Renaissance, bell rings, pipe organ have been also included in order to allude to the works on the Dome that have been going on till the beginning of the XX century.
The piece is parted in five separate movements.

Luigi Mastandrea lives in Bologna where he studies electronic music at the Music Academy and Philosophy at the University. From 2003 he collaborates as composer and sound designer to many audiovisual productions. His electronic pieces have been performed in Florence (Tempo Reale Center) in Bologna (Sala Farnese) and in some others international sound art festivals.

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