Duration: A side (19'31")


Letizia Renzini's Birdlistening was a sound happening somewhere between installation and concert presented at the Marino Marini Museum in Florence. The artist, music critics and audiovisual performer presented in the same evening her sound installation and her vinyl Birdlistening (featuring Saverio Damiani). The album represented the basic material (manipulated, overlapping) for the concert-performance.


This happening - curated by Valentina Gensini and Alberto Salvadori - was devoted to listening and to singing birds. Composition - Renzini states - is at the base of everything, no matter how it expresses through sound, images or the body. During the evening Letizia Renzini, together with Roberta Andreucci WJM of Burp Enterprise, performed a concert with natural sounds, voices and songs of birds, samples recorded in the field, sometimes pure, sometimes electronic and transfigured. The goal of the performance was to change the 'natural' auditory perception as to cover the spaces between sound and things, between animate beings and composition, to reflect on the relationship between inside and outside, between natural and synthetic, including urban and natural, and to rethink the nature and its sound evidence coming in and going out musically from an environmental composition. 


Thanks to Letizia Renzini for making this piece available to our listeners.


Letizia Renzini is an italian multidisciplinary artist, with Florence as her base.
She travels regularly throughout Europe and beyond, assembling, creating, directing and performing her mixed media, drawing on her knowledge of and experience with, diverse artistic fields and disciplines. Video artist, singer, deejay, she works with audio, video, body and text. She collaborates with Virgilio Sieni Dance Company (Ubu Prize 2004 for Empty Space); Romeo Castellucci - Societas Raffaello Sanzio; the Swiss company Nicole Seiler; with Monica Demuru and dancer Marina Giovannini. She collaborates with Rai Radio 3, Il Manifesto, Alias.

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