Pietro Michi's live mix for Sonic Somatic


Rust Live Session is a journey into the noise most varied scene, a sound exploration of its metamorphosis.


Rust presents a mix of tracks in which the noise features or those inspired by noise music are muffled and shuffled with clubrhythms, sometimes combined with dark ambient, techno, hardcore, bass music; off and on with concrete music and field recordings.


On the occasion of Sonic Somatic 2017, Pietro Michi / FossadelRumore has responded to our call to work in a space with a 'noisy' historical significance: the San Donato / Novoli area in Florence was the FIAT district in the city, an industrial zone which now lives as a residential neighborhood. Rust # 4 is the recording of the live set performed on Thursday, October 5th in Spazio XL at the Novoli Shopping Center. It is a dive into industrial music and noise, a listening that literally led us to an unexpected techno trance.


The selected tracks are produced by emerging artists and most of them have been recently released:

Peter Vincent - Magnifico

Le Moderniste - Hypothèse Initiale  

Mai Mai Mai - Phrometeus  

Brandkommando - F.S.  

Harsh Noise Movement - Kool & the gang  

Dieter muh - Nostrum  

Mindvoid - Dream about a p...  

Natihil - Above the rest

Maulex - A1  

FossaDelRumore - Isolato (deep rest. version)

FossaDelRumore & Mademoiselle Bistouri - Metallo  

Disciplina Urbana - Mundo Cotidiano  

Pedestrian Deposit - Impetuous  

STL - Errormachine  

Kottbusserdamm Terror Corpse - Kotti Core


FOSSADELRUMORE is a drone, noise and ambient project started in Florence by Pietro Michi in 2012. In the last years, he focused on field recording, noise pollution and sound spatialization. Michi uses synths, filters and DIY drones looking for punk and dark atmospheres. In 2017 he started collaborating with Radio Papesse with a series of overall mix on the noise scene of the last twenty years, in a cultural journey to discover a genre and its most mainstream legacies.

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