A mix by FossaDelRumore


Rust is a mix series produced by Pietro Michi [aka FossaDelRumore].

The project aims to de-structure and to re-read the harsh noise and HNW sounds being emerged between the 90's and 2000's. Rust presents a mix of tracks in which the noise features or those inspired by noise music are muffled and shuffled with club rhythms, sometimes combined with dark ambient, techno, hardcore, bass music; off and on with concrete music and field recordings.

Rust is a panoramic journey throughout the last twenty years of noise, following its morphosis into more mainstream music. It is a cultural exploration of a genre towards less violent and rough shores. The selected tracks are produced by emerging artists and most of them have been recently released:

Entire | Mercerism
Ruido Frotado | Desierto Preta
FossaDelRumore | Isolato
In Fog | Few Solutions
Xtematic | When we meet again
Achromaticist | 2-16-16
Lefterna | Poisonous
FossaDelRumore | What it means to love
Elisha Morningstar | Malignant
White | 30 Days
FossaDelRumore | Midnight Train
Mademoiselle Bistouri | Live performance II
Ruido Frotado | Embotado
Merzbow | Hara-Kiri Video 'Lost Paradise' Theme

FossaDelRumore is a drone, noise and ambient project initiated by Pietro Michi in Florence in 2012. She has been lately working with field recording, noise pollution and spatialization. The tracks are played with hardware - very often DIY - drones, synths and filters to find a dark, punk and deep mood.

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