The Alpi occidentali I-IV series was born from the idea of merging sonorities derived from drone and techno music in order to describe four alpine climbings; four different episodes in which a hypothetical climber has to face an ascent filled with moments of insecurity, impulse, tension and fear. A mountain experience in which the man's emotional states respond to impalpable vibrations of nature. The four episodes of this series take their name from four alpin peaks: Monte Thabor, Monte Malamot, Monte Tibert and Monte Clapier.

Here it is Mount Tibert's ascent.

_ Eliane Radigue, Biogenesis (1973), da Attention Patterns, Important Records, 2010
_ Wolfgang Voigt, Du Musst Nichts Sagen, da Du Musst Nichts Sagen EP, Profan, 2011
_ Shackleton, Fireworks (T++ remix), Honest Jon’s Records, 2011
_ Henrik Hakansson, Dawn da Dusk Down, A Better Tomorrow Records, 2003
Vladislav Delay, Korpi, da Latoma, Ecocord, 2011
_ Koljah, Simple Things, da Simple Things EP, Vidab, 2010
_ Marcus Schmickler, Quasi-segregative, da Palace of Marvels, Editions Mego, 2010
_ Bob Holroyd, African Drug (T.Williams remix), da African Drug The Remix EP, Phonica, 2010
_ MRI, Heroes Remixed EP (Matt John Remix), Resopal, 2010
Efdemin, Night Train, da Chicago, Dial Records, 2010
_ Oneohtrix Point Never, Preyouandi, da Returnal, Editions Mego, 2010
_ Loscil, Dub for Cascadia, da Endless Falls, Krankyl, 2010
Margaret Dygas, Press for Time, da Margaret Dygas, Perlon, 2011
_ Moritz von Oswald Trio, Structure 1, da Horizontal Structures, Honest Jon’s Records, 2011
_ Efdemin, Cowbell, da Chicago, Dial Records, 2010

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