Luciano Massari - Il marmo chiede umilt


Cai Guo-Qiang, One Thousand Youngsters Drawing David, XIV Biennale Internazionale di Scultura di Carrara, 2010.

This interview is in Italian and it was recorded in Carrara where we visited the XIV Biennale di Scultura, curated by Fabio Cavallucci. The voice you will hear is Luciano Massari’s, sculptor and director of the Cave Michelangelo Workshop, the must visit hunt on the Apuan Alps for every artist – Maurizio Cattelan, Giuseppe Penone, Giorgio Andreotta Calò and many others - who wish to work with marble. It is here, infact, that many artists come to give life to ideas and projects, thanks to the collaboration of experienced artisans. Together with Luciano Massari we talked about authorship and collaboration.


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