10 years of Open Studios

Save the date: September 2nd, 2017


We are glad to invite you and your friends to Open Studios, next September 2nd, 2017, at Villa Romana, from 5.00 pm


It's been years since we made our modest entry into this amazing house but every year, the wait for Open Studios is always alive and we are happy to be here to celebrate its ten anniversary. 


In the exhibition rooms:
Giuseppe Chiari, All Music is the same
works from the Block Collection


Radio Papesse is contributing a series of podscasts dedicated di Chiari. On show a few audio extracts out of eight conversations with friends and colleagues of him: Alvin Curran, Giancarlo Cardini, Gian Piero Frassinelli, Daniele Lombardi, Paolo Masi, Lara Vinca Masini, Gianni Pettena and Renato Ranaldi. You may listen to the full conversation here online! 

Other projects in the house:
Bassel Al Saadi, Nicholas Vargelis, Mélanie Enrager, Wilhelm Klotzek

In the garden:
Nicholas Vargelis, Untitled (A Theater Without Theater, or 
How to Light the Lights), 2017, installation and performance
Philipp Plath, Purgatorio, 2016, 300’, video installation
Dagmar Varady, Rough, 2017, 11’, screening
Azin Feizabadi, GOL-HA, 2005, 10’30”, screening
Giacomo Zaganelli, la grande griglia, 2017
Gaetano Cunsolo, As night falls…I’ll start to build, 2017, performance
Anna Aurigi, music performance
Tremolino Bar

Big Bass & Roi Yeli (Mali/ Senegal/ Florence)
Baal & Mortimer with Chris Filippini (Berlin)
DJ Janosch Ulm (Berlin)


Check out Villa Romana's website for the full program and Facebook for any updates and photos.

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