Paul de Vree's sound poetry


Paul De Vree's sound poetry brings to a pause the collaboration we've established with the Archivio del '900 at MART on the occasion of the group show Performance. Corpo privato e corpo sociale [Casa d'Arte Futurista Depero, November 19th 2016 - May 7th 2017].

Veronika is a celebrated piece by Paul De Vree (Antwerp, 1909-1982) and surely one of his best known poems, along with Vertigo, Kleine Caroli and Organon. Written in 1953, Veronika was translated into sound in 1962 by composer Jan Bruyndonckx and the texts was interpreted by Flemish actor Julien Schoenaerts. The first broadcast dates back to January 1963 on France 1 while the track was released on 1966 as part of the album accompanying the 28/29 issue of OU Magazine, edited by Henri Chopin.

Paul De Vree, Veronika, 1962, da Paul De Vree, Zimprovisaties, Antwerpen, Tafelronde, 1968, Mart, Archivio del ’900, Denza Fund.

Other de Vree's sound pieces are featured by the Denza Fund, see the full list here.


Original reel featuring Veronika, 1969-1970, Mart, Archivio del ’900, Denza Fund. The handwritten titles are by Sarenco.



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