Polisonum for Süden Radio 2017


Vacuum has been shortlisted in the context of the Süden Radio open call for soundworks.


Vacuum is a soundscape composition that arises by listening to an empty space, actually a quarry of the Murgia upland, in Apulia. A place that appears, in our eyes, close to a moonscape, where the echo of our steps and of the falling boulders reascends from the depth through the rock faces. The quarry becomes a generator of information, a kind of reactive architecture capable to constantly mutate using sound as a projectile element.


Polisonum is a collective doing artistic and sound research on places. The use of urban areas (and non-urban ones) through their exploration, leads the group to a sound rediscovery of everything around us.The sounds provide information on the nature of objects populating the world, on their relationships and mutual interactions and on their constant evolution.
We don’t merely sense the sound space; we inhabit, reshape and take part in it. This is an active practice that brings the collective - consisting of different actors and therefore multidisciplinary - to take the form of a filter in which is channeled an heterogeneous acustic flow. The recorded content is acquired and then re-assembled in order to compose music or to create interactive sound works.


Polisonum uses the field recording practice as a concrete creative inspiration to compose music, besides mere investigation.

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