Un estremo atto di amore

Lucia Award 2020 - The winners


Un estremo atto d'amore is a radio play based on In nome del popolo italiano. Storia di una malavita, Claudio Foschini’s diary. The work draws inspiration from the many points of contact between Claudio’s life and Greek tragedy: it interweaves his life of crime, his moral conflicts between will and desire, with Sophocles' Antigone. Foschini's frank, lucid and shrewd language is contrasted with the courtly but concise tone of a chorus, a portrait of all of us, spectators of stories out of time - and last judges, today as then.


Un estremo atto d'amore is produced by Luca Morino, Federico Pianciola and Riccardo Salvini at Mandala Studio in Turin thanks to LUCIA Award - a collaboration between Radio Papesse, LUCIA Festival and the FFondazione Archivio Diaristico Nazionale Pieve Santo Stefano . and Zuende Association. In this and other circumstances Riccardo, Luca and Federico collaborate and produce on behalf of Viso Collettivo.


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