Special Boy


In relation with the exhibit .ZA - young art from South Africa we contacted South African composer Philip Miller and he selected some of his soundworks for us.

Special Boy is a sound installation selected for The Spier Contemporary Exhibition 2007 in Johannesburg. The soundpiece uses old tape recordings of his voice as a thirteen year old boy practicing his speech for the customary coming of age ceremony - his barmitzvah – juxtaposing these recordings with his own adult voice as a gay man reflecting on questions of masculinity and sexuality and religion.


Philip Miller, South African composer living in Johannesburg, has always been studying and analyzing the different South African traditions and musical repertories, coexisting and evolving in the dynamic cultural situation of his city, using in his compositions fragments, re-elaborations and quotations coming from different traditional music styles. He has worked directly with many soloists coming from Zulu, Nama, Sotho and Xhosa cultures. 

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