Süden Radio 2013


Souvenir (2013) is meant to be listened to in the car. A woman speaks about a travel she took when she was a child. She describes a warm weather, she’s going South, she was boring.


…So, It’s a story of… It’s a story of a little girl…who, uh…so we don’t know really how old she is…

and... she goes on holiday with her parents, to the edge of the sea, …in a city…or to  the country side, this is not, it’s not clear

And…and, she’s bored.

So, there are her brother who’s there

(his brother’s who’s older than herself)

…there too, but, but, this is the age when they get bored, this is the age where they like to moan.

So, They leave by car, and

So so and

They decide to play a lot of small games

a lot of small games

and, he command her to make thing

he says her: “do that, and that…”

They are playing in the car

They play with the cars in front

cars coming in front

Then, They play to do the deads

and or they make faces,

and or as if they were blocked

And then

And then

and then they put against the...against the…uh no, in fact no.

uh.. they are laughing well but they say they get bored.

And then, his parents forced her to visit’s warm

and, that all...So, they visit

things to see, uh, things uh, important things.

It’s important, because…

Marine Angé was born in 1988. She studied art in Strasbourg where she developed a practice around improvised spoken word and recordings. She is now working with sound, in installations, performances and radio broadcasts. She works with artists collective, music bands, radio stations (Arte radio, Radio en Construction, RTBF), and sound research centers (Euphonia, G.M.E.A).


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