Scivolare il Po

A journey along the river from Cremona to the sea


Scivolare il Po collects a mosaic of recordings made during a performative journey along the Po River on board of a fishing boat: from Cremona to the Po Delta (to the sea) and back. 

Along the way, Vittoria Assembri and Matilde Solbiati documented and recorded the surrounding flora and fauna; the river banks, the swirling of the water, the boats' motors, the conversations with the people of the Po whom they met: catfish fishermen, the lighthouse keeper, a formet river racer...

Scivolare il Po brings our attention back to the river, as a geographical, social, human, real and imaginary space.

Vittoria Assembri is a multifaceted artist, based in Paris and Venice. Her practice explores marginal territories: phonography is thus considered as a political act that makes visible what is absent in the official cartography. By sound mapping a territory, she makes the resonant landscape of everyday life audible and she uses field recording not only as a tool, but as a possibility to cross layers of everyday outcrops and as a method and device for investigating the transformations of territories and the cultural changes of the contemporary world.

Matilde Solbiati was born on January 27, 1986 in Milan. She has brown hair, brown eyes. Her dog's name is Lord. She loves wild and mountain flowers and reading. Most of the time she looks at pictures which she mostly cuts out or scans. The rest of the time Matilde collects things she comes across and thinks. 

Editing: Beatrice Surano

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