Primordial Sounds


Lorenzo Piggici was born in Florence, Italy, on June 8, 1980. As a child he showed a special flair for composition which inspired him to take piano and clarinet lessons, followed by the study of composition and orchestration with Prof. Kamran Khacheh at the Music Academy of Florence. He began his professional career composing for television in 1999 and then specialized in soundtracks, mainly focusing on symphonic orchestration. Combining his natural talent for composition with his expertise in production, Lorenzo Piggici aims at creating a powerful liaison between the audience and the visual. He has composed original music for many trailers, documentaries (BBC, Discovery Channel HD, FOX), sound installations (White Night in Paris) and films, among them the action movie Bv-01 (finalist at the Hollywood International Film Festival) directed by Alessandro Pacciani.

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