Pi Greco

Giovanni Corona for Benjamin | Sounds along the tramway


π  by Giovanni Corona is one of the winners of the Call for Sound works Radio Papesse opened on the occasion of Benjamin | Sounds along the tramway, a sound art festival at the tram stops in Florence, schedule from October 3rd-6th, 2019. 

π  is an imperfect and irrational number that tends to infinity, embodying expectation as a moment of tension and 'not yet'.
π is also the mathematical constant for identifying the circle and in plane geometry it indicates a relationship between elements.

A group of people gathers in circle at the Centro Sereno Regis in Turin. Individuals stand in circle, they mutually hear eachother, hum and improvise together. The spontaneous deal that arises between the collective sounds creates a cathartic melody, capable of transporting unknown people into a spatial and temporal elsewhere which is also a here and now: a temporary community capable of embodying the tension of waiting. 

The sound recording has been edited to create a circular composition so to reproduce in the micro space of this sound piece, the circular arrangement of the bodies within the geodetic structure and the diverse movements of the performance: the silence, the tuning of the vocal instruments, the improvisation and the harmony, the breath and the silence eventually.


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