Orfes is a soundscape composition produced by composer and performer Alessandro Olla whose main research is focused on the intersections between improvisation, electronics, video, dance and theatre.

He has performed in international museums and galleries and together with contemporary artists such as Tim Hodgkinson, Marc Ribot, David Shea, David Toop, Elio Martusciello, Victor Nubla, Fabrizio Spera, Paolo Fresu, Jean Marc Montera, Lorenc Barber, Roberto Pellegrini and Henning Frimann. 

Since 1989 he has been composing original music for many shows, collaborating with important italian theatres and artists such as Marco Carniti, Dario Fò, Marco Parodi, Dacia Maraini, Mario Faticoni, Francesco Origo, Francesco Saponaro, Carla Tatò. He has composed music for radio, television and films and worked on site scoring in country and urban places. In 2007 he ideates and leads SIGNAL, advanced music and cross-media art festival. Since 2001 from 2005 he has been organizing an annual festival for improvisation and music research, based on workshops and performances in Cagliari, MicroOnde. He is based in Cagliari (mainly) where in 1995 he founded a center dedicated to the music research and theatre experimentation, TiConZero.

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