Nuit Noire, Nuit Grise


Vast is the night. It stretches, spreads then reabsorbs. A stain of ink where one is embedded. Wander cycle that rocks our dreams and nightmares. Remembering only its darkness would be underestimating it. Wonderful breach in time where blurred limits, laws of shadows, transitory frenzy, everything’s mixing. The nuances fade and leave place to gray. [Dominic Thibault]

This work was composed with the image of the city at night in mind. As if two parallel cities would coexist in the same place. One city during the day and a totally different one at night. Same buildings, same landscapes but two different worlds. Darkness changes perspectives. Nuit noire, Nuit grise is a stereophonic acousmatic piece composed to be diffused on a loudspeaker orchestra. The number of loudspeakers doesn’t really matter as long as the stereo image is respected.


Dominic Thibault has always been attracted by music. After studying piano during his youth, he learns guitar. This passion for the guitar leads him to the Cégep Saint-Laurent, place where he discovers composition and sound designing with Michel Tétreault. In 2005, Dominic Thibault begins a Bachelor Degree in electroacoustic composition at the University of Montreal with, as professors, Robert Normandeau and Jean Piché. Amongst its interests, there is acousmatic music, mixed music and musical programming. He is currently working on many artistic projects: a series of mixed music pieces, multimedia installations in collaboration with the visual artist Paul-Antoine Gauvreau and acousmatic art. Next fall, Dominic will undertake a Master degree at the University of Montreal in which he will be focusing on the development of composition tools.

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