Little sounds along the river

Süden Radio 2013


Little sounds along the river (2012) opens up on a walk along a river where the tension between the everyday-life inertia and the desires for the future intertwine: an ode to movement, travels and the transhumance emerges; an exploration of what pushes us elsewhere, that makes us alive, pulses stir, certainties crumble.

During my recent travels, I often got closer to myself, I explored my roots and my culture, more than the sites I was visiting…I’m concerned with this paradox but I’m convinced that the process of creation is a journey itself and a mean to reconnect with my guts, feeling the roots of humanity whatever South/North are. [Anne Lepère]

Anne Lepère has been living in Brussels for ten years; she soon became interested in photography and she co-organized electro-rock parties in Brussels for many years. In 2012 she began working with the voice and sounds. After a few workshops, she is now working on her own productions with the support of the Atelier Création Sonore Radiophonique.


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