Linee di fuga

Echantillons sonores


A sound collage by Vittoria Assembri
Produced during a residency in Apricale at Atelier A.
Editing: Beatrice Surano 
Year: 2019

Linee di fuga (Echantillons sonores) is a collage of sounds recorded in 10 years, between 2009 and 2019, across natural and urban landscapes in Italy, France, Germany and Japan. 

Among the sound fragments, there are the loudspeakers of subway stations and airports in Tokyo, the sirens of Genoa's harbour, the buzzling voices in the izakayas in Hiroshima, the sounds of stamping in Tuscan post offices, the creaking of the iron bridges of Gare du Nord in Paris, the roaring eruptions of Stromboli's volcano, the vibrations of power grids in Berlin, a blocked elevator in a condo in San Salvario, the song of cicadas...

"The recordings are deterritorialized by short-circuit and are transformed into rhizosphere from which new sound streams are born, variable lines like images blurring in running water". (Vittoria Assembri)

Vittoria Assembri is a multifaceted artist, based in Paris and Venice. Her practice explores marginal territories: phonography is thus considered as a political act that makes visible what is absent in the official cartography. By sound mapping a territory, she makes the resonant landscape of everyday life audible and she uses field recording not only as a tool, but as a possibility to cross layers of everyday outcrops and as a method and device for investigating the transformations of territories and the cultural changes of the contemporary world.


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