Kein Gott

Sarenco and his sound poetry in the Archivio del '900 at MART


Kein Gott by artist and poet Sarenco is inaugurating our collaboration with the Archivio del '900 al MART on the occasion of Performance. Corpo privato e corpo sociale, an ongoing show at Casa Depero in Rovereto.

Out of the International Archive of Sound Poetry - established by Sarenco himself between 1969 and 1971 and now at home in the MART Collection thanks to collector Tullia Denza's donation - Kein Gott is part of an incredible corpus of more than forty original magnetic tapes, recordings and sound pieces produced by international artists Henri Chopin, Paul De Vree, Pierre Garnier, Lucia Marcucci, Bob Cobbing, Herman Damen, Eugenio Miccini, Seiichi Nikuni and Franz Mon just to name a few. 

The kind of mantra Kein Gott - Mon Dieu Sarenco is repeating over and over along the track is the same text he's also been printing on plastic strings - hundreds of meters long - that he makes fly by hanging them to balloons. [In the show at Casa Depero you might find some relics, photographs and an amateur video of a 1970 performance of this series at the Festival de l’Imagination di Bienne]

Sarenco is among the most prominent sound and visual poets of the XX Century. In 1970 he established the audiocassette collection Poesia sonora released by Amodulo Publishiing, and starting from 1982 he has curated more than twenty releases under the name of Radiotaxi. Vibrazioni dal sonoro, a vynil series dedicated to the International Sound Poetry. 


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