Jungle's cut

Süden Radio #3


"Despite the precarious, unauthorized and dangerous form of the settlement, despite the undignified space they lived in, despite the disastrous living conditions, the thousands of people living in the Jungle relied on placemaking strategies, like naming the streets for instance, to cope with the fading of time, hopes and futures….We really appreciate the way Valeria Muledda is portraying this fragility, with a kind of very subtle intimacy…." - Süden Radio jury's comment. 



Jungle's cut is a sound piece by Valeria Muledda with the voices of Clémentine, Federica, Frédéric, Farah, Fouzi, Giulia, Hamid, Mikias, Sami, Valeria, Zaki, and other inhabitants of the Jungle. 

March 5-21, 2016, during the destruction of the southern area of the Jungle, the refugee camp of Calais, France.


Pace. At a walking-pace. To Pass. To cross. Cross a place. To go beyond. To overpass. A step. To overstep. To pass. away. Pass and pass, again, even if we do not pass, pass, stay, pass, continue to move in the passage, to seek the passage, to widen the passage, to hold the passage. To do the house on the passage. To make the passage a house. A town.


Here you can make your brain shampoo.


5,000 people from all over the world live in this city. Here you can find 47 restaurants, dozens of shops, different places of worship, numerous meeting and association spaces, a school, an art school, two libraries, a radio, a theater, and houses, houses self-built with the help in the international solidarity of hundreds of people. 


Frédéric cut his hair in the Jungle. Hamid prepares to leave the Jungle.

It's cold. we are around the fire.


Jungle's cut is part of Passer (Valeria Muledda / Studiovuoto), a research project and sound documentation of the Jungle of Calais. Passer is part of Réinventer Calais, a project led by PEROU - Pôle d'Exploration des Ressources Urbaines, in collaboration with PUCA, Fondation de France, Ministry of Culture, CNAP, City of Architecture and Heritage, Pavilion of the arsenal, Arc-en-rêve.




Artist, radio producer, and performer, Valeria Muledda trained in the international scene of the research theater and in the artistic practice of different languages and instruments. She has focused on the exploration of the body-space relationship as an aesthetic and political experience. Attentive to individual and collective, urban and eco-social transformation processes, her research aims to nourish a renewed relationship with the everyday life and a continually developing awareness. Her work ranges between performances, urban interventions, sound creations and installations, often through shared processes to activate participation and self-determination. Her work is focused on the notion of “inhabiting”, on Earth as an open intra-species environment, on lived architecture and the right to the city. In 2012 she founds STUDIOVUOTO - Studio of architecture that does not build. It arises from the crossing of the space of the arts-action of the scene and of radical architecture. STUDIOVUOTO gathers artists, architects, human spaces experts and citizens in projects of shared practices of investigation and creation.

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