Hydronym I

Süden Radio #3


Hydronym I by Correa & Garland is based on a compilation of analog tape-recordings made in the 70s by Tilma Cornejo - a chilean teacher in a girls’ primary school - who experimented with tape recorder as a tool for her students to improve their speech skills.


The piece layers contemporary digital takes with Tilma Cornejo’s tape recordings, bringing her sound archive back to life. With its selected samples it questions the women’s role in South America in the 60s and 70s and it exposes the strength of a challenged fragility, of dissonant voices in a still a very patriarcal and postcolonial society. 


"This kind of experimental educational programs - Correa & Garland write - disappeared in a historical void after the cancellation of the chilean cultural project by the military coup. By chance, Tilma Cornajo's archive landed in our hands and we pretend to rescue it from this historical porous space. Though the transformation of the archive we try to make hearable the brake into the empowerment that this teachers and students experienced in the early 70s".


Camilo Correa  - sound designer and photographer - and Melanie Garland - visual artist  and restaurator - work as a duo from the field of artistic and sound installations within the context of the artistic space studioMigra based in Berlin.
Correa & Garland are interested in the topics of memory, storytelling, identity and originality of the subject, from a postcolonial and ethnographic perspective they intend to reflect and question social issues in the context of South America and Europe.
They are currently working actively on nomadic Radio, a sound platform of the art collective nomadicArt Berlin.
Every two months they are in charge of shows at Piradio-colaboradio and Archipel Radio in Berlin.


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